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In 2009, AEOCB assigned a voluntary for an exploration mission to Burundi, where this servant was intrigued by the fact that the Burundians are very kind people with hearts full of God’s love. Ever since, the AEOCB decided to take the step to serve the Burundian community, which feels like family, especially that we all drink from the same source (river Nile) that starts in Burundi and ends in Egypt.

So we legally founded the "AEOCB" to start the activities and services.

In response to Burundi’s deep need for medical care, the AEOCB started by dispatching medical missions to support people. In parallel with sending regular missions to serve people of all ages and social statuses: the kids, the youth, the elders, the widows, the orphans, and anyone who needed our help.

"Our Story"

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