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"weekly kids development"

Part of our multi-dimensional role is the kids’ development whether mentally, socially or hygienically and enhancing their skills, through the below activities
Physical, Cognitive, Social, and Emotional skills:

●    Weekly Service:

  •  weekly meetings 

with the kids take place in the church, where several activities take place during the day like handcrafts, videos, and some sketches to enhance their learning and development. 
o Involving them into games and sports, not only for the sake of having fun or enhancing their physical skills, but also to reflect on these games at the end and gain spiritual or social outcomes. 
o In addition to the weekly activities, kids’ festivals and sports days are arranged to aid in their physical and social development. 

●    Hygiene:

  • One of the association’s main goals is enhancing the children’s hygiene; accordingly, a full program is offered to teach them about self-hygiene and offering general health tips. Also, free medical consultations were given during the medical missions. 

●    Learning & education:

  • Helping them with their education and encouraging them to go to school, scholar materials as notebooks, pens, pencils, and sharpeners are distributed to the kids before going back to school.

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